Structural Integration

Rolfing SI is a form of soft tissue manipulation and movement education therapy that helps the body move with more fluidity and grace. It works on the fascia, or connective tissue, throughout the body.


Originally designed as a series of ten sessions, Rolfing SI looks at the body as a whole and works to improve relationships between the different functioning parts. Often, the work is aimed at creating more space throughout the body, as living a modern life tends to compress our bodies. Rolfing Structural Integration works with each individual to reach the highest level of movement and integration possible.


There are two different approaches we can take. We can do customized sessions to focus specifically on resolving your biggest concerns as quickly as possible, or we can do the standard Rolfing 10-series. Each has their merits.


Generally speaking, if you are in acute pain or have a chronic, life-limiting issue you would like to resolve, doing custom sessions is what I recommended. This way we can focus on the root of the problem(s) and hopefully get you feeling good and moving freely as quickly as possible. Depending on your issue, your body, and your response to the work, this can take anywhere from 1 to 12 sessions, with the average being somewhere in the middle.


If, on the other hand, you already feel good, but want to feel better, the 10-series is probably for you. The 10-series is a full-body tune up that will take us methodically through all the major (and most of the minor) structures of the body. If you're looking to improve as a functioning human being, from your posture and your breathing, to the way you walk, run, sit, and stand, the 10-series is the option for you.


If you're undecided, I'm happy to talk more on the phone, via email, or at the start of your first session to decide the path that's most appropriate for you right now.

Rolfing® Sessions

  • 40, 60 & 90 minute sessions

  • Traditional 10-Series

  • Customized Treatments

  • Pain or injury specific sessions

  • Post 10-Series sessions

  • Assessments done before, after and sometimes during sessions

  • Sessions aided by SourcePoint Therapy

  • Done while fully clothed - athletic wear is great - or dressed minimally, underwear or swimming suit (non-restrictive bra for women).

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