Get to Know Me

Hi! I'm Liz Edelman, certified Rolfer®, licensed massage therapist, energy healing practitioner and certified personal trainer!


I am passionate about the body when it comes to health and (pain-free) movement. My interest in the body developed with a late introduction to sports and fitness in my 20s and 30s through running, kettlebell lifting and Olympic weightlifting. What started as a fitness journey led to a desire to share my love of movement with others and from 2016-2021 I was an instructor and coach at Colorado Weightlifting Club. 


My experience with fitness showed me the potential we have in maintaining or improving health by combining movement and care of the body such as proper nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and bodywork (i.e. Rolfing and massage). 


I believe maintaining our health often necessitates regular visits with a body work professional - whether that be Rolfing for pain relief, posture and alignment or massage for stress relief, sports or athletic performance and recovery. I provide Rolfing, clinical, sports, cupping and deep tissue massage therapy and energy healing combined with my movement background to help you find wellness in your body so you can reach your health goals.


By drawing on my extensive training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute and elsewhere, I will design a customized session tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. Long-term results often take more than one session and “homework” on the part of the client - but are achievable. 


I grew up in the western Chicago suburbs but spent most of my adult life in other states including 10 years in Seattle. I have lived in Denver since 2016.


In my free time I like to weightlift, hike, bike, walk my dog, garden, cook, craft and spend time with friends and family.