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I am passionate about the body, whether it's Rolfing®, massage, energy work, movement or sport training. It is my greatest desire to help others feel their best. I offer Rolfing Structural Integration guided by SourcePoint Therapy, Therapeutic/Cupping Massage and Energy Healing. Sessions are tailored to each client's individual circumstances and goals. 


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Treatment for short-term and chronic pain, posture and alignment, movement dysfunction, athletic performance and recovery, and mobility and range of motion restrictions.

What I Specialize In

Relief of Aches

and Pains

Cupping Massage

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Posture & Alignment



Rustic Beach Path

How our body feels can often have a profound impact on our overall happiness and satisfaction in life. 

I had a couple ribs that were out of place and driving me crazy.  Liz helped create more space in my whole shoulder joint, allowing for the tissues to find a more comfortable alignment.  Her touch is careful and thorough and her anatomy knowledge is on point.  I slept better after her work than I had in almost a week.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have experienced Liz's work! 

-Theresa Z.

I discovered that I have 2 herniated discs in my lumbar spine after experiencing unbearable pain. I was doing physical therapy as well as generous time off from all of my physical activities. While I felt that these helped, I still needed something more to provide me a clear direction on my path to healing. I knew nothing about Rolfing before meeting Liz and I am very thankful for her opening my eyes to all of its benefits. After my sessions with Liz I felt more relaxed and relieved. Since some time as passed I have been able to pick back up moderate physical activity and have been pain free. Thanks Liz!

-Rosina P.

I came to see Liz for Rolfing because my right shoulder was sore, and the muscles were extremely tight and knotted.  Liz was very knowledgeable about the muscle connections while working on my neck, shoulder, and arm.  She was able to feel the knots in my muscles and work them out.  My arm felt much more relaxed after she worked on it, and my range of motion improved.  Liz also gave great attention to the atmosphere of here Rolfing area.  

-Jeanette H.


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