Joanna K.

Liz was absolutely amazing. I have been suffering from chronic pain in my back and shoulders and Liz did an awesome job working on those areas. Highly recommended!

Jeff D.

Great first experience Rolfing with Liz. I've heard Rolfing is very painful, but Liz started very gently for me. Unfortunately, my time in Chicago was short and I have not been able to do multiple sessions, but looking forward to trying again when I'm back in the area.

Jen W.

I"m an avid cyclist and went to see Liz for tightness in my ankles. It was fascinating how she started working in my shoulder and I felt the ankles loosen up. By the time she started Rolfing my legs and ankles all of my tension and pressure that I had come in with was gone. She has the hands of a healer!! Would recommend her to everyone

Karen I.

I met Liz for the first time this weekend and had my first appointment with her. I have had Rolfing done in the past by 2 other therapists. She seemed very knowledgeable and compassionate. As for results I'll have to wait but did feel better after I left.

Chris G.

I can to Liz for some relief from several aches and pains. Mostly in my shoulders and arms. I had a lot of tightness that was effecting the nerves and causing my arms to fall asleep while in bed. Liz did a comprehensive evaluation and concentrated on troubled areas. I am happy to report a significant improvement in my symptoms. I felt extremely comfortable with Liz and her vast knowledge of the body. I was so impressed I even referred my mom to her.

Teazy D.

As a Rolfer myself, I’m pretty picky about who I go to for bodywork. And I have to say, I LOVE getting Rolfing sessions from Liz. Her work is intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate. I suffered a pretty severe hip injury 5 months ago and because of Liz’s work, I’m able to train for a 50-mile race I have next month. Together, we’re unwinding the pattern of that injury, as well as improving my overall alignment. I can’t wait for my next session!